Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura Collection

So far, Archivo’s industrial design collection is comprised by a selection of 1,500 pieces ranging from the first decades of the XX century all the way to present times.


The corpus is divided in different search categories and we are currently working on seven research outlines. Amongst these, stand out International and Mexican Design Classics, Design for Industry and Mexican Design. Although the collection is private, it was always conceived for public access, which is the reason why it will continue to grow upon this intention.


One of the main concerns that the collection deals with is the fact that Mexico is not a country with a great affinity for design. As an outcome of this observation the question upon which the corpus was structured is the following:


How to generate a design ABC for a population that has not yet been able, due to lack of acquaintance, to integrate it into their lives?


In order to attend this circumstance, Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura will highlight the importance of design in everyday life at the same time it integrates designer’s new creative processes of intellectual perception and inquiry, thus establishing itself as a space for critical confrontation.

Chair for the Boca Chica Hotel
Antonio Peláez (Atribution)
Pavo Real: chair
ca. 1970
View-Master (Modelo E)
William Gruber & Harold Graves
1956 / ca. 1960
Standard: View-Master (No. 2014)
William Gruber & Harold Graves
1959 / 1966